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10 reasons to buy the DJI FPV drone now – and four against

Editor’s note: If you are new to First Person View drone flight, or would like a refresher on safety tips and drone regs, please read our story on the topic here.

It’s been one day since the release of DJI’s innovative new FPV drone, and many people have already ordered the product. We take a look at some of the main reasons why this might be the perfect fit for someone wanting to get into the world of First Person View flying – and a couple outlining why it might not be a fit for others. Let’s hop in.

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Professionals praise Skydio 2’s AI in webinar featuring two case studies

Skydio held its last webinar of this unusual year on December 22. It featured panelists from the Enterprise and First Responder sectors, as well as more details about Skydio’s optional Autonomy Enterprise Foundation software and its Skydio Academy for pilots. Overall, the focus was the Skydio 2’s AI, and what that means for professionals.

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My journey from pro to hobbyist

Craig Issod's kit

I know what you are thinking: Don’t most articles detail the exact opposite? I’d say you are correct in that more people are interested in moving up — learning more, doing more, and perhaps even making income from their drone operations. However, in a sense, my short tale is more indicative of where the average drone consumer might want to do — that is to have and use these tools on occasion in order to see the world from a different perspective and to share this work and art with others. 

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DreamQii’s PlexiDrone Indiegogo became a nightmare for backers

DreamQii PlexiDrone Feature Image

It looked like a promising product: A multi-featured drone that could be configured for heavier lifting. The young team behind it seemed to have a great UAV on its hands. Backers flocked to the Indiegogo site, throwing money at the Toronto-based startup. With rare exceptions, they didn’t receive the drones — or their money back.

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A belated impression of DJI’s Mavic Air 2: Fantastic

Mavic Air 2

Yes, I realize I’m a little behind the curve to be writing about the Mavic Air 2. But, truth is, I received a loaner just recently, not long after joining DroneDJ. I’d done some indoor flying, but I finally got a chance to get out into the great outdoors. So this will be a relatively brief, “first impressions'” kind of review.

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How DJI’s early drones paved the way

If you’re visiting DJI headquarters in Shenzhen for the first time, you’ll likely receive the guest treatment. That means you’ll be taken to the main lobby and shown what looks like a small museum display. It’s a row of DJI-manufactured drones, including the iconic original Phantom that was released in 2012. It’s an astonishing record of technological accomplishment, and it makes you wonder what’s next.

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