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Skydio begins shipping X2 series drones, launches Skydio Cloud

The largest drone company in the United States that sells to consumers, Skydio, has announced it will commence shipping its X2 series drones. These machines are purpose-built for Enterprise/First Responders and the military – and are suitable for rugged deployment scenarios where enhanced capabilities are desired. Skydio also has news on the software side of things.

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Skydio, Axon partner on public safety drone integration

Axon, a company perhaps best known for the body cams many police officers now routinely wear and also for the Taser, has partnered with Skydio in a deal that seems certain to expand the use of Skydio drones by law enforcement. The strategic partnership will offer Skydio drones to law enforcement and other first responders through Axon’s unmanned aircraft program – Axon Air.

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Professionals praise Skydio 2’s AI in webinar featuring two case studies

Skydio held its last webinar of this unusual year on December 22. It featured panelists from the Enterprise and First Responder sectors, as well as more details about Skydio’s optional Autonomy Enterprise Foundation software and its Skydio Academy for pilots. Overall, the focus was the Skydio 2’s AI, and what that means for professionals.

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The Buzz: Skydio CEO Adam Bry on AI, automation, and Blue sUAS

The Buzz Podcast Featured Image

On our latest edition of The Buzz podcast, we’re delighted to spend some time with Skydio CEO Adam Bry. Despite the pandemic, it’s been a great year for Skydio. Listen as DroneDJ senior editor and chief writer Scott Simmie takes a deep dive with Adam about his US-based drone company. It’s a great discussion and includes a look at the recently announced Blue sUAS list that recommends Skydio’s X2 drone for government and military purchasers.

Join Skydio CEO Adam Bry in conversation with DroneDJ’s Scott Simmie

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Skydio, EagleView announce huge drone inspection partnership

Skydio 2

Skydio, the American drone company known for the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of its products, today announces a partnership that will lead to 5,000 drone sales and a vastly more efficient system for inspecting damaged roofs. It has joined forces with EagleView, a leading aerial imaging and data analytics company with deep expertise in machine learning and building inspections. It is, say those involved, likely the biggest commercial drone deal to date.

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Skydio busts into growing domestic industrial market with insane zoom X2 drone

Skydio X2 commercial drone

Out of nowhere, Skydio has just announced its jumping into the enterprise market with its new Skydio X2 industrial drone — the first of a planned series of products for this sector. The Skydio X2 line adds a FLIR thermal camera, a 360-degree camera, a flight time of 35 minutes, a folding design, 3D Scanner and oh dear lawd, a 100X zoom…

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