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Skydio X2

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Skydio begins shipping X2 series drones, launches Skydio Cloud

The largest drone company in the United States that sells to consumers, Skydio, has announced it will commence shipping its X2 series drones. These machines are purpose-built for Enterprise/First Responders and the military – and are suitable for rugged deployment scenarios where enhanced capabilities are desired. Skydio also has news on the software side of things.

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Skydio releases slick X2D promo for upcoming video series

Skydio X2D

When Skydio announced its forthcoming X2D drone earlier this year, we were impressed with how badass that thing looked. It was obvious from the design, specs, and literature that this was intended for First Responders, Enterprise users, and even the military. Now, Skydio has released a new video showing the X2D at home in a military environment – and teasing that a new video series is on the way.

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Skydio busts into growing domestic industrial market with insane zoom X2 drone

Skydio X2 commercial drone

Out of nowhere, Skydio has just announced its jumping into the enterprise market with its new Skydio X2 industrial drone — the first of a planned series of products for this sector. The Skydio X2 line adds a FLIR thermal camera, a 360-degree camera, a flight time of 35 minutes, a folding design, 3D Scanner and oh dear lawd, a 100X zoom…

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