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Geo 2.0

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Geo-Fencing (GEO 2.0) and Remote ID explained by Brendan Schulman from DJI

Geo-Fencing (GEO 2.0) explained by Brendan Schulman from DJI

DJI recently released GEO 2.0., which is their updated and more accurate geo-fencing system that prevents DJI drones from flying near airports, airfields or other sensitive facilities. Instead of simply putting a circle around an area, DJI now makes the areas more precise and even includes 3D restrictions around approach and take-off areas. Meaning that if you’re further away from, and airport but in an approach zone, you may be able to fly your drone but only up to a certain elevation. Rick from Drone Valley took the opportunity at the DJI Osmo Pocket event to talk about DJI Geo 2.0, NFZ’s, Remote ID, DJI Global Response team and other related issues with Brendan Schulman (Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs). Geo-Fencing (GEO 2.0) explained and more. Check it out!