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New DJI Tulum video showcases latest gimbals, FPV flight

DJI has just released a really next-level video. Shot in Tulum, Mexico, it highlights the capabilities of the latest additions to the Ronin line, as well as some really gorgeous FPV footage. In fact, it kind of makes us wonder if that footage might have been captured with you-know-what.

There’s no question about it: DJI produces really great videos. The locations, shooting, and editing are consistently excellent, and it’s clear the company spares no expense in capturing these vids. Makes sense, as so much of marketing today relies on social media and sharing. Why pay to promote videos like this when hundreds of thousands of views will come organically?

Anyway, this latest video is amazing.

A trip to Tulum

At a time when few of us are traveling, it’s great to see somewhere warm and exotic. Tulum, Mexico, ticks both of those boxes. Throw in some excellent pro shooting using a variety of DJI products, add some color grading and excellent editing… and – wow – this crew produced something special.

Seriously: This video features a ton of frames that are drop-dead gorgeous. Let’s have a look:

This is pretty gorgeous, DJI…

A showcase for DJI products…

The point of this video isn’t to encourage us to visit Tulum, though, certainly, that’s a side effect. The real goal here is to get you to purchase DJI products. To that end, it appears that everything in this video was shot using something that was made by the company. These products include:

In fact, DJI lists those products mid-way through its lengthy video:

Eight DJI products were used in shooting this video…

And the Digital FPV System?

You know, we thought we picked up on a few shots that would have come from an FPV drone – so it’s not surprising to see the DJI Digital FPV System on the list above. The question is: What were they flying?

Yes, we see they had an Inspire 2 and Mavic Air 2 on site. But those are not compatible with the DJI Digital FPV system.

So it begs the question: Was a pilot flying a custom FPV build – or were they, perhaps, flying the new, unreleased DJI FPV drone?

DJI's FPV drone released next year
Whaddaya think? Was one of these used in the production?

If that drone had been used, DJI wouldn’t tell us. But it would seem if you’re spending big coin traveling to Tulum with a production crew and actors/models, that you’d want to capture some content with your new drone. I mean, think about it. Doesn’t this make sense?

And, the people who put together this film took the time to add this text to a shot that clearly involved an FPV drone:

Frame grab from an FPV shot. Is that text a hint…?

We’ll have to wait to find out. But don’t be surprised, when the release finally comes, if you see a DJI FPV drone promo vid that has footage from Tulum. We’re not going to bet on that right now, but we certainly wouldn’t bet against it.