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DJI’s new FPV drone hits the FCC database, release very close

DJI’s unreleased FPV drone has officially been released onto the FCC database, along with a new controller and FPV goggles. This means the new drone is likely to be released late this month or early next month at CES after months of leaks and hype around it.

All of the listings have confidentiality dates that are around mid-year. While this could mean DJI only plans on releasing the new products later next year, this usually isn’t the case. From past products, DJI normally puts the dates around six months after a product release, which puts the release date December to January.

On top of this, DJI likes to get its products through the FCC about a month before they are released. Following this, it also points to a late-December to an early-January release date. There is also a chance that DJI could announce the new drone before the end of the year and only begin shipping next year.


After looking at the drone listing first, we now have more confirmation that the new drone will be called the DJI FPV Drone. The FCC product listing has the normal documents that go along with it, the FCC label, and the label location.

From the label, we can see the drone’s model number is FD1W4K, possibly pointing at 4K, and has a 2000mAh battery running at 22.2V. The label is also located inside the battery compartment, suggesting the battery is locked away during a flight to make it safer if the drone was to crash.


DJI FPV Remote Controller 2

The new remote controller for the FPV drone has the same documents and the label, which we are interested in. We can see the controller has a 2600mAh battery running at 3.6V from the label and has the model number FC7BGC. We can see the remote controller has a vent hole just below the label and what looks to be rubberized grips on either side. Just above it, it looks like the mount for the large antenna which we have seen in a previous leak.


DJI FPV Goggles 2

The new goggles look to be following the same design as the first version with a similar FCC label. The FPV goggles have the model number FGDB28 and run off an 11.1V to 25.2V battery. Another image shows us two adjustment switches on the bottom of the goggles, two vent holes, and what looks to be the area your nose goes when wearing them.

What we’ve seen so far

This month, we got new images of the DJI FPV drone in the biggest leak we have seen so far. Looking at the two images, we can see that the DJI FPV drone will come with the same FPV goggles that were released with the FPV kit last year. The FPV drone will also come with the controller we got a chance to see in previous leaks with a brand new design.

Taking a look at the drone, we can see it has a similar shape to one of the drones we saw leak earlier this year. This one has a new darker color scheme with red on two motors to ensure the correct propellers go on each motor.

The box says DJI FPV Combo on it, suggesting that this is an RTF package. It comes with a drone, controller, and FPV goggles. I’d imagine DJI will also be selling another version with just the drone or the drone and the goggles.

The drone looks to have a frosted plastic canopy that likely has the drone’s GPS and other brains in it. The battery likely goes in the rear of the drone. We can see a heat sink on top of the drone’s front section likely used to keep the camera cool in flight.

From the image, we can’t actually see the drone’s camera, so we can’t really talk much about it just yet. Osita mentions that someone who got an evaluation model didn’t stick to DJI’s NDA in the tweet with the images. He has said this as last month retailers began to receive models to test out before selling them.

Photo: FCC



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