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DJI FPV drone leaks in latest images, release near

What looks to be the DJI FPV drone has just leaked on to Twitter along with possible specs and release date. All of the information has come from leaker OsitaLV and suggests we could see the FPV drone racing around the skies before the end of the year.

The images

Looking at the two images, we can see that the DJI FPV drone will come with the same FPV goggles that were released with the FPV kit last year. The FPV drone will also come with the controller we got a chance to see in previous leaks that has a brand new design.

Taking a look at the drone, we can see it has a similar shape to one of the drones we saw leak earlier this year. This one has a new darker color scheme with red on two motors to ensure the correct propellers go on each motor.

The box says DJI FPV Combo on it, suggesting that this is an RTF package. It comes with a drone, controller, and FPV goggles. I’d imagine DJI will also be selling another version with just the drone or the drone and the goggles.

The drone looks to have a frosted plastic canopy that likely has the drone’s GPS and other brains in it. The battery likely goes in the rear of the drone. We can see a heat sink on top of the drone’s front section likely used to keep the camera cool in flight.

From the image, we can’t actually see the drone’s camera, so we can’t really talk much about it just yet. Osita mentions that someone who got an evaluation model didn’t stick to DJI’s NDA in the tweet with the images. He has said this as last month retailers began to receive models to test out before selling them.

We have now got our hands on another image of the drone with what looks to be a checklist and various other stickers on it. The checklist looks to have a few items ticked, suggesting that the evaluation unit sent to the retailer is being tested to make sure everything is working.

The tweet

Taking a look at the tweet, Osita starts by saying, “if the drone really comes out, this will be the specs.” This could mean two things. He isn’t sure when DJI plans to bring the drone out or is just saying it to have some fun with us.

At the very end of the tweet, he also mentions this month as a possible release date. This could have some truth to it as DJI’s Brendan Schulman suggested that DJI isn’t done releasing products just yet.

Now for the specs. Osita shares that he thinks it could have a 4k 60 fps sensor, likely to have image stabilization and be used for the FPV feed and cinematic footage. He mentions that the drone will have 5-inch props and run on a powerful 6s battery.

The drone will likely share three modes, like current DJI drones, that will allow it to fly at speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour or 93 miles per hour. The other two modes will likely be a cinematic slow mode and a ‘normal’ mode, as we have seen in leaks before.

The camera will be able to be tilted by the user via the controller, thanks to a servo’s inclusion. Osita also thinks the DJI FPV drone will have GPS, allowing it to safely return-to-home in an emergency and complete automated flights.

What we’ve seen so far

FPV controller

Last month, we got our first glimpse of what looks to be DJI’s next FPV controller for its upcoming drone and version two of its FPV system. The new controller looks to have a similar design to BETAFPV’s Lite 2 controller and TBS Tango 2 controller while keeping it DJI.

On each side of the controller, we can see a space to hold the joysticks – something DJI has been doing for years – that allows you to store them during transport safely. There also looks to be a USB port that will likely be USB-C. Looking at the controller’s front, we can see the two control sticks, a lanyard hole, and what looks to be a C1 and C2 button.

There is also a new addition to the controller, a large antenna between the trigger buttons to ensure the drone doesn’t lose connection to the controller. We also can’t see if there are any switches on the controller.

Someone flying the new DJI FPV drone

FPV drone

All the way back in August, we got our first look at what looks to be an FPV drone from DJI. The image was heavily blurred out but showed enough information to get us thinking. From the image, we can see the DJI logo on the rear, along with a two-tone design using what looks to be black rubber and the classic DJI grey plastic.

There also appeared to be a front rubber bumper on the drone that would absorb much of a crash’s impact and prevent the FPV camera from getting damaged. The FPV camera will likely double as the main recording camera on the drone, which will use electronic stabilization to keep the footage smooth. It will also likely be a cinematic FPV drone rather than a racing drone, as this is what DJI focuses on with its other consumer drones.

OsitaLV shared that 5.8GHz and 915MHz are both ready to go. Both frequencies are used to control and send data between the pilot and the drone. He also shared a rumor that suggests the drone has already been sent to resellers to evaluate and give DJI feedback.

DJI Racing drone?
What looks to be DJI’s FPV drone

DroneDJ’s take

From the number of leaks and images we have seen of the drone and the controller, I think the FPV drone is coming very soon. This tweet and the images are just extra nails in the coffin. The specs mentioned for the drone also match previous leaks and do seem to make sense for DJI.

Since we have seen the images for the unreleased drone, but it hasn’t been released onto the FCC test bench, I’m a little on edge as to when exactly the drone will be released. So far, we have two major things suggesting the drone will be released before the end of the year, but we haven’t seen something required for the drone to be released in the U.S.

The two things are obviously the large number of leaks and images we have seen of the drone, and the other being that DJI’s Brendan Schulman did put a tweet out saying, “Surely, everyone feels we must be done for the year.” This obviously suggests that DJI is working on another product release this year.

Photo: OsitaLV



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