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DJI Tello drone – The first customers in Asia are getting their hands on this toy drone [video]

Remember the Tello drone that was launched at CES 2018 from the company Ryze Tech? Well, the first customers in Asia are getting their hand on them. Since we don’t have one ourselves yet, we wanted to share some first impressions and photos, that we have come across online.

DJI Tello drone specifications

Remind me. What were the specs again on this toy drone? Well, probably the most remarkable thing about the Tello is that it has been developed in partnership with DJI (Flight tech for stable flying) and that it has an Intel 14-core processor inside. Theoretically, this should make it fly and respond better than many another toy drone in the $100 price range. The Tello will retail for $99 USD. The drone weighs only 80 grams and therefore does not have to be registered with the FAA as it falls well below the 0.55 lbs weight limit. It comes with propeller guards and collision detection for safe indoors drone flying.

  • DJI Flight tech
  • Intel 14-core processor
  • 13-minute flight time (11 minutes in video review)
  • 100-meter flight distance
  • 720 HD video transmission
  • 2 Antennas
  • Throw and Go. Simply toss the Tello in the air and it will fly
  • Flips and 8D aerial stunts
  • Bounce mode flies up and down
  • EZ shots, which lets you record short videos with Circle 360, and Up & Away
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • 5MP Photos
  • Auto take-off and landing
  • low battery protection
  • Failsafe protection when you lose the connection
  • Video positioning system for precise hovering
  • Compatible with an FPV headset

Photo gallery and video review

The video is a bit long but actually gives you a really good impression of the flight capabilities, features and photo/video quality of the Tello drone. One thing to point out is that the little drone is very susceptible to wind conditions. It flies best indoors or on a day without a lot of wind. The video (720p HD) and photo quality are below par and any recent smartphone will do better. However, for $99 you get a really good drone that would be a great place to start, especially for teenagers. We are looking forward to getting out hands on one and doing a thorough review on it.

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