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Where can you buy the DJI Mavic Air?

We are getting many questions from people about where the can buy DJI latest and most modern drone, the DJI Mavic Air. If you don’t know what the Mavic Air is all about, it is the newest drone from the Chinese drone manufacturer and slots right in between the Mavic Pro and the Spark. However, make no mistake, the Mavic Air features the latest intelligent flight and obstacle avoidance technology from DJI. It also is able to make 32-megapixel panorama photos that will give you a 180-degree view of your surroundings. If you want to learn about the Mavic Air, then take a look at these articles or watch our 15-minute summary video of Michael Perry’s presentation of the Mavic Air in NYC last Tuesday.

Where to buy the DJI Mavic Air

The Mavic Air is available for pre-order right now and will start shipping on January 28th. It will also be on the shelves of select retailers (DJI stores) on that same day.

The Mavic Air comes in three color options: Arctic White, Onyx Black, and Flame Red

You also have the choice of thee different packages:

  • The Mavic Air$799
  • The Mavic Air Fly More Combo (incl. two more batteries, extra props, 4-way charger, bag) – $999 ($113 discount vs. buying separately)
  • The Mavic Air Fly More Combo + DJI Goggles$1298 ($263 discount vs. buying separately)

If you already know all you need to know about the Mavic Air and you are ready to pull the trigger than here is a list of places you can go.

Buy the Mavic Air at DJI

Of course, you can buy the Mavic Air directly from the DJI online store. You can choose from all three colors as well as the different packages (Fly More and Goggles). DJI also allows you to finance your drone purchase if you don’t want to part with all of your money up front. If you have the DJI Select membership you are eligible for prioritized shipping. Keep in mind though that if you order today, the drone will not ship until January 28th. You can use this link to order.

Purchase your Mavic Air at Amazon

Amazon, who doesn’t shop there? Especially if you already have an Amazon account, especially Amazon Prime, this may be the easiest way for you to purchase the Mavic Air. A nice thing about Amazon is that they will keep your purchase history forever so it is always easy to trace back previous purchases. Currently, Amazon only has the DJI Mavic Air on pre-order. Shipping starts on February 28th, which is much later than DJI. You can use this link to place your order.

Buying your Mavic Air at B&H Photo Video

B&H has a seemingly endless inventory of all kinds of photo/video tech gear. This is one of the reasons many pros shop here. Another BIG reason why shopping at B&H makes sense is that if you live outside of NY and NJ, they will not charge you sales tax, which adds up to a nice discount on expensive items such a DJI Mavic Air drone. Use this link to shop at B&H.

Buy the Mavic Air at Newegg

Newegg will give you free shipping and 8 times the EggPoints for purchasing the Mavic Air through them. This adds up to about a $60 off your next purchase at the online retailer, which if you buy regularly at Newegg may be totally worth it. You can use this link to pre-order.

Buying your Mavic Air from BestBuy

BestBuy is accepting pre-orders for the Mavic Air as well and they also offer financing if you’d rather go that route instead of laying out all the money at once. The only thing to keep in mind though is that BestBuy may not be able to ship your Mavic Air as fast as the DJI store, Amazon or B&H. So be sure to take a good look at the expected delivery date if you choose to use BestBuy. Link here.

We expect more stores to start selling the DJI Mavic Air as well such as Walmart, Crutchfield and possibly target. We will update this when we find other stores that start selling the DJI Mavic Air.

Are you going to get the new DJI Mavic Air? Or would you rather have the DJI Mavic Pro or go for the much more affordable DJI Spark? Let us know what determined your decision in the comments below.



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