How to get your Mavic Air shipped faster with DJI’s Free Trial Program

DJI launched a new “Free Trail Program” that will allow you to receive your DJI Mavic Air sooner through a special Mavic Air priority shipping code. The program is limited to 1,000 applicants and DJI will select an unspecified number of applicants who may get to keep their Mavic Air for free if they agree to a loaner agreement and perform certain tasks that are to be specified by DJI. You can apply here.

The DJI Mavic Air free trial program

*Terms & Conditions

1. Application Deadline: February 5th, 2018, 11:59 pm PST (UTC -8). Applications submitted after this deadline will be considered invalid.

2. For the first 1,000 applicants, the DJI Store will send a Mavic Air Priority Shipping Code to the email address provided in the online application. The Priority Shipping Code will be sent no later than 2 business days after the application period ends. Not receiving an email indicates that you did not qualify for the Priority Shipping Code.

3.The Mavic Air Priority Shipping Code can be applied during checkout at the DJI Online Store when your purchase contains the Mavic Air. Once applied, your order will be processed ahead of general orders, allowing you to receive your Mavic Air sooner.

4. DJI reserves the right to choose qualified applicants for the Mavic Air Free Trial Program without revealing the process to the public. Standard of enrollment includes, but is not limited to: completeness, correctness, and authenticity of the information provided in the application. Applicants are also encouraged to submit links to their social media accounts and upload photos and/or videos. Results will be announced on Feb 8, 2018, on the Official DJI Forum and SkyPixel site. Chosen applicants will receive email notifications by that time. Not receiving an email indicates that you did not qualify for the Mavic Air Free Trial Program.

5. Chosen applicants are required to sign an “Equipment Loan Agreement” before acquiring a trial Mavic Air. By signing the Agreement, they are obligated to complete specified tasks during their trial use. If the quality of tasks exceeds expectations, users may be allowed to keep the trial Mavic Air, free of charge. All other users will be required to return the product by a specified deadline. For more details, please refer to DJI specialists and the Agreement.

6. Applicants agree to obtain announcements, recommendations and updates about DJI products, services, software updates and more from EDM.

7. DJI reserves the right to modify or withdraw the Mavic Air Free Trial Program at any time, without liability.



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