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Drone video of the world’s largest nude female sculpture

New drone video reveals the world’s largest nude female sculpture at least partially adorned this month. As seen from the air, snow gave the Lady of the North a dusting.

The 400-meter-long artwork is believed to be the largest landscape depiction of the female body. The sculpture is part of a 19-hectare park near Cramlington, England, that’s popular with hikers.

The late American landscape designer Charles Jencks designed the park, known as Northumberlandia. He began the creation in 2005 and admitted when visiting the site in 2012 that it was “much bigger than I ever thought.”

The lady in summer

It consists of 1.5 million tonnes of rock, soil, stone, and clay, most of which came from a neighboring mine. Some stones the mine used for the restoration of old buildings highlight a few of its features. At her highest point, she stands 34 meters tall. And from there, you can apparently get a good look into the still-operating mine. The mine’s owners say the project is a way to help offset the damage done by stripping the land for coal.

World’s largest nude female sculpture

Katie Perkin, the communications manager for the company that owns the mine, told the BBC in 2012 that “it cost £3 million for us to create Northumberlandia. We wanted to give something back.

It’s barely recognizable from ground level

“Local hands made this structure that will last for generations to come.”

Perkin is probably right about it lasting for generations. Creating giant art in the landscape is something Britons have done for thousands of years. And photographing them from drones is practically a British pastime. Check out the Uffington White Horse. Or don’t miss the Cerne Abbas Giant. The sculpture was believed to be ancient, but it goes back at least to the 17th century, and it’s caused gales of adolescent laughter ever since.

Artists create very effective art with drones. But it’s also nice that drones can uniquely reveal the art that’s already there.



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