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senseFLY releases new eBee Geo drones for $10K US

senseFly has announced a new drone. The eBee Geo is priced at $10,000 US and is the latest in the eBee X line of professional mapping and surveying drones.

senseFly has already built a devoted customer base. The company has been in business for 10 years, making it one of the truly well-established drone companies. Its X series drones, with their delta wings, are the drone of choice for many doing longer-range mapping, surveying, and photogrammetry. And now, senseFly is announcing a new model: The eBee Geo.

Let’s take a look.

What are the eBee Geo drone specs like?

The new drone was introduced during a brief senseFly webinar. Here’s the company’s description of the new product:

“eBee Geo is an affordable fixed-wing mapping drone designed to meet the highest demands of surveyors, civil engineers and GIS professionals worldwide. eBee Geo is rugged, intuitive to operate and makes surveying and mapping small to large areas faster and more efficient than using terrestrial surveying equipment alone. The data collected can quickly be processed into highly-accurate georeferenced orthomosaics, digital elevation models, digital surface models and high-density point clouds to bring additional value beyond common vectors. Designed to complement your surveying toolkit, eBee Geo comes with everything you need to get started, including professional drone camera technology and eMotion, senseFly’s proven flight planning software.”


Value Proposition

The company’s head of sales, Brock Ryder, said there are three overarching value propositions of this drone:

  • Return on investment
  • Data quality
  • Performance

The webinar highlighted some of the key specifications. They include:

  1. 45 minute true flying time; enough to cover 160 hectares on one battery
  2. 2.8 cm/pixel resolution @ 400′ (160m), up to 1 cm/pixel @ lower altitude
  3. senseFly S.O.D.A. camera has 1″, 20MP sensor
  4. RTK-capable
Frame grab from senseFly webinar


The webinar included a brief Q&A. The company was asked whether the Geo is Remote ID-capable, since it’s being implemented in Europe. The answer? Yes.

“All the eBee Geo that will be shipped to European countries will be ready and equipped to comply with Remote ID regulation that’s starting to be implemented in Europe,” says senseFly’s Ben Pinuet. “So the drone is ready in that regard to broadcast its position.”

Available now

The eBee Geo can be ordered today, with a base cost of $10,000 US. It can be upgraded to RTK for centimeter-level accuracy.

senseFly says it will offer a more comprehensive briefing on features and other specifics February 10.