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Clever drone video employs optical illusion

We have a pretty cool video to show you. Don’t be surprised if you do a double-take.

Drone videos can grab your attention for different reasons. Some highlight awesome piloting skills. Others might highlight a really unusual drone. Plus, of course, there are videos of places so impossibly beautiful you can’t look away. The video we’re about to see doesn’t fit any of those categories. But we’re willing to bet it will hold your attention.

It certainly held ours.

A clever optical illusion

This video comes to us via Instagram. And it was shot either early in the morning or late in the day. We can say that not because of any golden light, but rather because of the exceptionally long shadows. And it’s those shadows – or one shadow in particular – that was crucial to this video.

It’s the shadow of a palm tree. And, coupled with a person on the beach, it makes the “Searching for Coconuts” video something pretty spectacular:

What a great little video

Creativity ≥ raw piloting skill

What we like about this video is that the creator saw something truly different and turned that vision into something real. The actual skills required for this video aren’t great: Pick the right time of day for those long shadows and get the drone hovering.

But that’s not to say the creator, @CollinCreates, is shy on skill. Quite the contrary.

This creator is quite the photographer

@CollinCreates has a great little website right here. Just take a look at a few of his photos. Whether taken from the air or the ground, they’re pretty awesome:

A little about @CollinCreates

We checked out the “About” section on Collin’s site. Here’s how he describes himself:

Collin is a modern day world wide adventurer. He brings his camera and five years of professional experience with him to the world’s most unique landscapes while carefully capturing it in the most dramatic way. You can usually find him climbing the Sierra Nevadas backcountry or diving in the blue Hawaiian waters. Collin loves to work with outdoor brands while also specializing in lifestyle, architecture, and aerial photography.

Keep up the good work, Collin! And yeah, love that Searching for Coconuts video!

You can follow Collin’s Instagram feed here.