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DJI Pocket 2 receives HDR video, audio monitoring, story mode

The DJI Pocket 2 has received a major update that adds HDR video recording, audio monitoring, and other ease-of-use improvements. The update is the second one the Pocket 2 has seen with some major improvements and many fixes.

The new update brings the DJI Pocket 2 to version and requires the DJI Mimo app to be updated to version 1.4.8 on iOS and Android to get the most out of it.

The first item on the list is the inclusion of HDR video. You can now record HDR video for improved dynamic range. DJI hasn’t stated the resolutions and frame rates. If you enjoy using story mode, you can now access it from the touchscreen directly, rather than using the Mimo app.

If you use the wireless microphone system from DJI, you can now monitor the audio from it with a pair of 3.5mm headphones. You do need the Do-It-All-Handle and be in Pro video mode to use this new feature. The software for the wireless mic has been optimized to improve the anti-interference technology.

You can now lock the gimbal when using the control stick. Press and hold the right button, and the gimbal will lock itself. You can unlock it by doing the same. If you need to capture something quickly, you can now power on the Pocket 2 with it facing away or toward you.

  • Away from you: Press and hold the function button
  • Toward you: Press and hold the power button

When turning the Pocket 2 off and placing it in its protective cover, it will stay in the correct position for longer to make it easier to put it away correctly and less likely to damage it. DJI has also added the ability to trim clips you want to download to your phone, allowing for faster transfers. A few bugs causing issues have also been fixed.

Photo: DJI



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