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Australian farmers to get access to a new drone training course

Australian farmers located across New South Wales (NSW) will now access a one-day drone training course taken from their farms. The drone training course looks to familiarize farmers with the new high-tech helpers in hopes that they will begin using drones for more tasks.

The new one-day drone training course was launched by the Northern Tablelands MP and Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall. It has already been a great success with farmers in Yass, Cooma, and Goulburn, who have been gathering data on their crops using drone technology.

As the course is government-run, farmers in the state can access it through the NSW Department of Primary Industries Tocal College. It has also been created with the help of the NSW Farmers Association.

Marshall said:

Farmers in NSW have always been at the forefront of taking up new technologies, and this is no different. Drones have changed the way we farm, and our primary producers have adapted and are already reaping the benefits.

The course allows farmers to learn how to use a drone to collect data that can then be used to make informed decisions in a fraction of the time manual methods allow. The course comes to each farm, allowing the class to create data from the farmer’s crops, making it suited to each farmer.

Marshall continued:

Drones allow farmers to have a level of surveillance over their properties they have never had before, and are capable of providing real-time vision of crops and stocks from kilometers away. Operating a drone is like any other precision control system – with proper planning, set up and confidence to operate safely, it can provide real on-farm benefits.

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