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Wild new Volkswagen ID.4 drone show rocks Shenzhen

Another day, another drone show. Just yesterday, we brought you the recent record-breaking light show involving 3,051 drones. Today, it’s a new show — but it’s also impressive.

There was a time when a show featuring 100 drones would have wowed you. Now it’s kinda, well, meh. But once you start getting the numbers up there, you can rock the sky. And today’s video features 2,000 drones in perfect sync. And by perfect… we mean perfect. Every single drone is in precisely the right spot at precisely the right time. Plus, the people who programmed this show knew what they were doing when it comes to the lights. The choreography, if you can call it that, is stellar.

So let’s have a look.


The show was put on to promote Volkswagen. And so, as you might guess, you’re going to see some cars. There’s one shot where the grill badge literally pops. Ready? Let’s go:

As Borat might say: “Very nice….”

FPV action

We also really like the FPV shooting that helps enhance this video — especially that one dive!

Clearly, the software and hardware packages are really becoming great. If we had the dough, we’d be in this business in a second. Mind you, charging up 2,000 batteries sounds, well, a little tedious. But we’re glad someone was willing to do it!