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Aerodyne to transform Middle East drone inspections

Aerodyne has partnered with the leading infrastructure provider in the Middle East, Al-Babtain LeBlanc to transform inspections with drone technology. The partnership will allow both companies to leverage each other’s strengths and make a mark in local markets.

The partnership will allow Al-Babtain LeBlanc to begin inspecting its assets with drones but will also see the two working together to develop drone solutions for telecommunication, defense, and security sectors within the Middle East. Both companies will also research to find ways drones can optimize current processes with hopes to get the government on-board with drone technology.

Aerodyne will now be able to solidify its presence in the Middle East market, which it only came into in April of this year after it received an investment from Dubai-based FEDS Group Holdings, a leader in drone services.

Aerodyne uses smart drones and AI data analytics to provide customers with cloud-based asset management solutions for businesses using drones across industries such as energy, utilities, renewables, and infrastructure.

Aerodyne Group’s Founder and Group CEO, Kamarul A Muhamed said:

“Al-Babtain LeBlanc comes armed with extensive experience in telecom towers, infrastructure ventures, and system integration projects in the Middle East. By teaming with them, Aerodyne Group will be able to accelerate the implementation of drone technology, data technologies, and digital transformation solutions for clients and critical projects across the Middle East.”

Saleh Al-Bedaiwi, General Manager, Al-Babtain LeBlanc followed with:

“This Teaming Agreement with Aerodyne Group, the world’s fastest-growing drone-based solutions company, is an exciting development for Al-Babtain LeBlanc. This collaboration reflects our continued commitment to technology innovation and digital transformation. By enabling the adoption of drones in our operations, this partnership with Aerodyne will transform our infrastructure inspection process, resulting in faster and more accurate data collection and accelerated turnaround for report generation.”

Check out these drones being used for aerial inspections:

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Photo: Aerodyne



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