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GoPro leaks Hero 9: front color display, removable lens, price

The GoPro Hero 9 has appeared to leak in product images that show off the new front color display, removable lens, the price, and a relocated USB-C port. A promotional image was also leaked by GoPro themselves. The new leak suggests GoPro will introduce the front color display, putting it in line with DJI’s Osmo Action.

Front color display and price

The front display has been the most talked-about missing feature on the Hero 8 after DJI released its Osmo Action camera earlier in the year.

From the first set of images, the display looks to be pushed back into the camera a little, likely reducing the chance of it being smashed if the Hero 9 was dropped or hit while recording. We can also see the front recording light has been moved above the new larger display, with the GoPro logo and front mic staying in the same location.

Taking a look at the image GoPro leaked, we can see the front display will allow you to see what the camera is recording, along with the recording time, SD card status in the top left, and battery status in the top right. The image also shows us the price of the GoPro Hero 9 bundle, which is Singaporean $680 (US$500). This comes included with a 32GB SD card, the Handler mount, a magnetic swivel clip, and an extra rechargeable battery. That’s US$50 above the RRP for the GoPro Hero 8 bundle.

Removable lens

While looking at the new GoPro Hero 9 images, I noticed that the lens looks to have a gap between it and the camera like GoPros before the Hero 8 had. From this, it appears GoPro has gone back on its unibody design and will now allow users to put a new lens on if they happen to break it. Good job, GoPro!

GoPro Hero 9 images leak
Removable lens?

Relocated USB-C connector

Something a little smaller, but was found to be a bit of an issue on the GoPro Hero 8, is the location of the USB-C port. Every time you wanted to use the camera while plugged in, the battery and SD card was exposed, which could lead to the battery coming out or both being damaged.

In the new round of leaks, it appears GoPro has moved the USB-C port to the other side just under the power/mode button. The new door looks just the right size for a USB-C connector as well.

GoPro Hero 9 images leak
USB-C port?

It’s great to see GoPro fixing all the major issues hardware-wise with the camera rather than trying to add radical new features. From previous leaks, it looks like DJI will also be adding new modes to the camera and improved photo and video settings.

You can check out our full GoPro Hero 9 coverage below:

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