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DJI Fly update improves battery display and gimbal controls

Last week, the DJI Fly app received an update that gives an improved battery display and more control over the DJI Mavic Air 2‘s gimbal, allowing cinematic footage to be captured. This new update truly allows you to take control over your Mavic Air 2 and adjust it to suit your needs.

New gimbal settings

Pitch control

Clicking on the new advanced gimbal settings menu option opens another page with various settings to adjust your gimbal. The first setting that you can adjust is the pitch speed, which will change the speed of the gimbal when moving up and down. The next setting is pitch smoothness, which will adjust the rate at which the gimbal begins moving up or down.

Yaw control

Yaw rotation speed will allow you to adjust the speed at which the drone will rotate left and right while pushing on the stick. The second is yaw smoothness, which adjusts the rate the drone begins to start moving and stop moving, removing jolty footage.

Both the yaw and pitch control can be adjusted in normal, sport, and tripod mode, essentially allowing you to create custom modes for different shooting scenarios. It’s a great feature if you fly commercially for different operations.

The new gimbal settings

Take a look at the video below from 51 Drones explaining the new settings and how they affect the Mavic Air 2 in flight. The maximum and minimum values are different for each of the modes, but you should be able to customize it to suit your needs within the values.

Battery icon

The new battery icon takes on the shape of a ring around the battery percentage instead of the length of your phone’s display. The new icon still shows you the low battery state and return to home state. Clicking on the icon will show you three things: time left before return to home is activated, time until a force landing is activated, and the time until the battery is fully depleted. You are still able to access battery cell voltages in the battery info settings.

The new battery indicator

The new update is available right now to download via the App Store and the Play Store.

Photo: DJI & Josh Spires



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