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EHang drone takes passengers sightseeing over China

EHang has begun trailing passenger sightseeing flights using its 216 unmanned drone over the coastal city of Yantai in East China. The trial flights took four passengers into the skies to demonstrate the reliability and versatility of its passenger drones.

The trial flights flew over the Fisherman’s Wharf in Yantai city to provide the passengers with an aerial view in an effort to show off a future use for the company’s passengers drones.

EHang’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, Hu Huazhi had the following to say on the trial flights.

“As the world’s first provider of passenger-grade AAVs, we are honored to prove this game-changing air mobility solution by demonstrating flights to regulators, customers, partners and the general public. The positive supports and feedback have strengthened our determination in our quest to bring this new style of mobility to the people.”

Take a look at the video EHang made on the trial flights and the short speech from the company.

One of the passengers had the following to say on her flight in the EHang 216.

It was amazing. I felt safe throughout the journey. The EHang 216 flew at a steady pace with almost no turbulence. This was my first time to experience such a ‘bird’s eye view’ from the air. I cannot wait to take another trip!”


Earlier this year, we shared the news that EHang will be partnering with hotel developer LN Holdings to create a passenger drone hotel for the first time ever. The drones will land on the hotel’s property and take visitors to popular sites around Nansha, Guangzhou, such as the Canton Tower, Beijing Road, and the Pearl River. EHang also announced that it will begin trailing cargo flights using its passenger drones to collect data to see if the drones are a viable means of transport.

Would you fly in an unmanned passenger drone? Or will you wait a few more years for the technology to improve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: EHang



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