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Intermap partners with Zipline to deliver Elevation-as-a-Service

Intermap has announced its new partnership with Zipline to deliver crucial geospatial Elevation-as-a-Service in support of expanding its operations in Africa. The partnership will allow for more on-demand COVID-19 medical deliveries.

The partnership with Zipline marks Intermap’s re-entry into the African market and its continuous expansion around the world. The deal illustrates the increasing value of on-demand, real-time geospatial elevation data and analytics, delivered as a service. Because this data improves the safety and efficiency of drone flights, it’s now considered mission-critical.

Patrick A. Blott, Intermap’s Chairman and CEO had the following statement on the Zipline partnership:

Intermap is an established world leader in all-source elevation data and analytics, including its collection, processing, exploitation, and delivery. Our relationship with Zipline provides an excellent example of how Intermap’s patented, on-demand, and near real-time processing, when combined with our cloud-based provisioning and customizable analytics, Elevation-as-a-Service, can support rapid operational expansion (strategic and tactical) for growing UAV companies — and it’s all immediately available on a global scale.

Along with the partnership, Intermap also announced that Carolyn Johnston, PhD, a statistician and mathematician specializing in geospatial technologies and remote sensing, will take on the role of chief scientist, in Denver.

Intermap has also announced a deal with Geo Oil Energy SAS in Colombia, which will market Intermap’s NEXTMap products to companies in the energy, engineering, and government markets in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.


Intermap, based in Denver, was founded in 1997 and is a global leader in geospatial intelligence solutions. Intermap’s main product is the NEXTMap database, which manages geospatial data, processing, analytics, fusion, and orthorectification software used by sectors including the aviation, engineering, environmental planning, government markets, hydrology, insurance, land management, law enforcement and patrol, oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities industries.

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