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Mavic Air 2 drone video captures Vermont

When we capture something great from the air, we like to show it off. A newly posted reel, taken in different locations around Vermont, shows off some of the great capabilities of DJI’s Mavic Air 2 – and of the pilot. Come along, get comfortable, stay awhile – it’s going to be worth it.

Drone videos are a mixed bag…

There’s no shortage of drone videos on YouTube.

But – let’s be honest – they’re not all great.

But this compilation reel, taking footage at different locations around Vermont, is stunning. Shots above cascading waterfalls, in mountains, and more give you a breathtaking look at the state.

We could describe more, but there’s an old saying in the storytelling world: Show, don’t tell:

Some sweet drone shots in this video

Who’s the pilot?

The pilot is Dave Cowley. On this post, he says: “I’ve flown over 15 hours with the Mavic Air 2 in all sorts of conditions this spring in Vermont. Staying close to home has given me the opportunity to explore amazing local spots! Obviously, the time-lapse shots are not from the drone.”

The flying was smooth enough that we became interested in learning more about Dave Cowley. Soon we were on his website, Spot Drone Imaging. There we learned he specializes in real estate video and capturing 3D spaces, as well as other drone photography and video work. The company is based in Denver, North Carolina. (In the trivia department, it’s a town of less than 3,000 people formerly known as Dry Pond.)

The trusty Mavic Air 2

Dave’s drone of choice is the Mavic Air 2. And the work shows off some pretty impressive detail, dynamic range, and a good sense of choosing locations. But what interested us just as much was learning a bit more about Dave.

Wow. Gorgeous shot!

The site explains that Crowley has an extensive military background. The company is “capitalizing on his 26 years of experience as a Military Intelligence aviator in the United States Army and 21 years as a defense technical support contractor.”

There’s more.

Vietnam veteran…

“He is a decorated Colonel and proud Vietnam Veteran. His knowledge of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) created and flown by the military gave him the background to start an aerial imaging and video company.”

Spot Drone Imaging website

A nice drone reel…

After looking even more, we discovered that Dave had posted two other videos the same day as the Vermont reel. One of those reels was strictly a drone compilation from 2019 – and it’s gorgeous.

Dave Crowley’s best work from 2019

Wow. Really nice job, Dave – you clearly have an eye for this.

It’s also a great testament to the versatility of the DJI Mavic Air 2. It’s hard to imagine you could get more drone for the money.