MrBeast’s latest video uses ‘voice-activated’ drones

YouTuber MrBeast spent $600,000 in his latest video on fireworks, which looked amazing. In the video, a “voice-activated” drone light show lit up the sky, spelling out words the members in the video said. It was a great way to get drones in front of a massive audience.

MrBeast and his team set off a $1 firework, a $10 firework, a $50 firework, a $375 firework, a $1,000 firework, then moving onto the really expensive fireworks.

MrBeast sets off a firework worth $10,000, then straps fireworks to a test dummy, causing them to fly off in every direction. The team then places fireworks in a car (resulting in a small fire), and — because why not — microwaves a firework.

Now for the drones. In the video, “hundreds of drones” fly up behind MrBeast and his team. He explains that whatever word is spoken into the walkie talkie will be formed by drones. The drones light up out of nowhere after each word is said, creating an awesome effect.

The drones spell the words Burger, Cheese Balls, an “OK” hand symbol, and more.

Be sure to watch the full video below to see all the awesome fireworks set off in the video, along with the light show provided by the drones.

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Photo: MrBeast



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