Sugu Drones chooses Altitude Angel’s UTM services for Canada

Sugu Drones has announced that it will use Altitude Angel‘s UTM services for accurate, real-time, and relevant geospatial and flight awareness data for its custom-built flight planning and logging platform. Altitude Angel will also provide Sugu’s pilots with live, interactive airspace alerts for safer flying.

Altitude Angel will soon provide Canadian flight operator and training institute Sugu Drones with its GuardianUTM airspace management platform for improved safety and monitoring of drone operations. This will be done using the GuardianUTM API to directly integrate with Sugu’s platform.

In the future, Sugu Drones hopes to use the Strategic CRS (conflict resolution service) from Altitude Angel in its own platform to ensure any potential mid-air conflicts are rerouted and avoided.

Soreign Jackson, VP business development at Sugu Drones, had the following to say on why it chose Altitude Angel:

We looked at several providers, but it was clear Altitude Angel are the best-in-class at delivering proven, real-time data and UTM services. As we grow our platform in several of our business verticals, it is important we have faith in the strength and reliability of our supplier’s solutions and vision. With Altitude Angel it is unquestionably there. The future is also looking even brighter, with our plans to expand and incorporate real-time air traffic integration, allowing our operations to use a world-leading UTM system.

Soreign Jackson

Altitude Angel

The news comes a few weeks after Altitude Angel announced a partnership with Inmarsat that allows its unmanned traffic management (UTM) platform, Pop-Up UTM, to essentially be popped up when and where required, removing the need for building ground-based infrastructure. Last week, Altitude Angel welcomed its first partner to the program, Spark Mobility.

The system will specifically be deployed where a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone flight is taking place and removes the need for infrastructure on the ground to be built. Pop-Up UTM also utilizes Inmarsat’s global network of satellites, meaning the system can be deployed around the world.

GuardianUTM allows software developers and drone manufacturers to access tools and data that are accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to better understand active and past drone missions. The platform helps drone pilots follow local flight rules and avoids mid-air collisions with a dynamic alert system. GuardianUTM also includes data from local air authorities such as altitude restrictions, No Fly Zones, and NOTAMs to ensure the operation is as safe as possible.

GuardianUTM O/S allows for airports to define rules for the airspace easily to ensure drones and manned aircraft can share the airspace as best as possible. The platform allows pilots to gain access to the airspace and ensures the flights are within the rules. The airport also has direct access to the pilots through the system.

Photo: Altitude Angel



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