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Skygauge inspection drone now available for pre-order

Skygauge Robotics’ inspection drone is now available for pre-order, with the first 10 units receiving a special early adopter price. The drone is equipped with a 4k 30 fps camera, a Olympus 38DL PLUS® ultrasonic thickness gauge, and a dual transducer to measure the thickness of paint and the metal behind it.

The Skygauge inspection drone is a little different from the drones you are used to seeing flying on commercial jobs. The inspection drone always remains horizontal, even when slowing down and speeding up.

Thrust vectoring joints

The drone is able to do this thanks to its thrust vectoring joints. Each set of propellers is equipped to two rotatable arms capably of moving upward and downward, allowing the motors to be tilted forward, backward, left, and right without the whole drone doing the same. The arms are able to tilt, thanks to eight servo motors that automatically move based on stick movements on the controller.

The benefit of using a system like this instead of a traditional drone is stability, precision flight, angled inspections, and wind resistance. Instead of the whole drone adjusting when a strong gust of wind comes in, the Skygauge drone stays in place while the movable joints adjust to keep the drone in place. This allows for better control over the drone and lessens the risk of a drone crashing into an expensive asset. You can see the thrust vectoring joints in action below.

Included in the package

Skygauge Drone Package:

  • 1x Skygauge Inspection Drone:
    • Integrated Olympus 38DL+ Gauge
    • Integrated 38 Link
    • Integrated Olympus D790S Transducer
    • Force Sensitive Probe
  • 1x Camera 4K @ 30 FPS/ 1080p @ 60 FPS
  • 1x Skygauge Remote Control
  • 1x Transport Case
  • 2x MicroSD Logger
  • 1x Dual LiPo Battery Charger
  • 4x Battery Pack (2 batteries per pack)
  • 1x Maintenance Toolkit

Skygauge Spare Parts:

  • 2x Dual-Blade Propellers
  • 2x Tri-Blade Propellers
  • 4x Thrust motor replacements
  • 4x Support arm replacements
  • 4x Servo motor replacements


  • Training with drone operator and UT inspector
  • Ultrasonic testing training (optional)
  • 24/7 support

You can purchase the drone via this link, where you will then have to get a quote by filling out your email and the organization type you are in.

What do you think of the unique approach used by the Skygauge team to give the pilot better control over the drone? Would you fly a drone with the same design? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: Skygauge



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