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Drone captures great white sharks feeding on dead dolphin

A drone video recently posted to YouTube shows great white sharks feeding on a dead dolphin off the coast of California with swimmers nearby. In the video we are able to see two great white sharks shredding a dead dolphin while a group in a boat watch.

In the video from earlier this month we can see a shark circling a dead dolphin a few hundred yards off a California beach with nearby swimmers enjoying themselves without knowing the sharks were in the water. The shark continues to circle the dolphin for a while before a second one joins in and goes in for the first bite of the dolphin.

Meanwhile, a nearby boat sees the action and comes in for a closer look while the sharks continue eating.

The full video can be watched below but be warned that it’s fairly graphic.

Sharks and drones

Drones are being used by Australian lifeguards to monitor and track sharks swimming in and around popular beaches. The drone known as the Little Ripper uses AI to detect sharks, alerting lifeguards, emergency services, and swimmers. The shark-spotting drone has a 90% accuracy rate, while current manned aircraft have accuracy rates of around 20%, making drones an obvious replacement.

It’s not the first time a drone has spotted a shark, and it is becoming apparent that a drone might be something added to the arsenal of lifeguards around the world to make the oceans safer.

Photo: The Malibu Artist



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