AirMap’s technology to power skyguide’s U-space application

AirMap has partnered with the Swiss ANSP to provide drone pilots with official aeronautical information via skyguide’s new geo-awareness applications. The partnership will allow for skyguide users to access up-to-date airspace and active airspace schedule information.

The skyguide web and mobile applications will provide unmanned aerial system (UAS) pilots with information and guidance to ensure they are flying safely. The integration with AirMap means the apps will also have live updates on the other aircraft in the airspace. The integration also allows future missions to be planned around the other aircraft in the sky to ensure the mission can go smoothly.

The AirMap systems are dynamic and are constantly updating with real world data unlike many of the other static systems that only provide the pilot with an idea of what is happening in the airspace around. The platform also provides the pilot with a 4D replica of the airspace giving the pilot an accurate view and ensuring there is no confusion resulting in possible collisions.

Robert Fraefel, U-space project lead at skyguide had the following to share on the AirMap integration.

“UAS operators can ensure that their flights are safe and compliant by downloading and utilizing skyguide’s U-space applications. The AirMap platform ensures that operators receive up-to-date contextual airspace information from Swiss authorities.”

Boris Lacroix, AirMap’s Senior Vice President of Product Management

“AirMap invests in data innovation in order to unlock airspace for safe UAS operations around the globe. Skyguide and FOCA have again demonstrated global leadership in drone enablement by making 4D contextual airspace intelligence available to application users nationwide.”


AirMap is a leading airspace and automation company within the world of drones. AirMap’s platform is used by authorities and enterprises around the world to allow for the safe operation of drones in low altitude airspaces. The platform is also used to deliver critical business insights.

AirMap offers mission planning, flight, and capture, along with dataflow automation solutions to enterprises and third-party providers. AirMap’s products are currently being used in the Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States, and available in over 30 countries.

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