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DJI Mavic Air 2 camera specs, fly more combo price leaks

With now less than 24 hours until DJI’s “Up Your Game Event” where the DJI Mavic Air 2 will be unveiled, more camera specs and an image of the fly more combo have been leaked. The leaks confirm camera specs we’ve been hoping for, along with the contents of the fly more combo.

(Update: Buy at DJI or Adorama/$988 Fly More)

This latest round of leaks comes courtesy of OsitaLV via Twitter. The new images show the box and contents of the fly more combo along with new camera specs. Now that the event is less than a day away we don’t expect any more leaks to break, so we will see you after the new drone is released. Be sure to tune in to it here.

The camera specs

From the image, we now know the DJI Mavic Air 2 is capable of 4K 60 fps video at 120 Mbps, HDR photos and videos, and 240 fps slow-motion video at 1080p. Taking a look at the left side of the image, we can see two prices, 4,999 Yuan ($706) for the standard version, and 6,699 Yuan ($946) for the fly more combo. Just beneath that, we can see the contents of the fly more combo, more specifically the ND filters. We now also know the ND filters included in the fly more combo will be an ND16, ND64, and an ND256, covering you for most shooting scenarios, where the sun can be an issue.

The image also confirms the inclusion of OcuSnyc 2.0, a 10km range, 34-minute battery life, a downward-facing LED landing light, APAS 3.0 obstacle avoidance, intelligent return-to-home, and a wide range of intelligent flight modes.

camera specs

The fly more combo

The image of the DJI Mavic Air 2 fly more combo looks to be taken in the same store we saw the box of the standard Mavic Air 2 in over the weekend. From the box, we are able to see the fly more combo will come with a set of ND filters (a great inclusion for sure), two extra batteries, a three-battery charger, extra propellers, battery-to-USB charger, and a stylish carry bag.

Personally, it’s great to see the inclusion of ND filters right out of the box. Many people flying drones don’t even think about filters, either because they are unaware of the benefits they provide or the steep price tag keeps them from making the purchase. Including them will allow for many pilots to be exposed to ND filters and ultimately allow them to create better content in the long run.

fly more combo

What do you think about the new camera specs and the inclusion of ND filters in the fly more combo? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: OsitaLV



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