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DJI says it is not turning back on US customers

There has been a lot of speculation lately about DJI making cutbacks in the United States. News sites have reported possible staff cuts and speculation of curtailed sales and service operations. In response to these rumors and our own reporting, a DJI representative tells DroneDJ that the company is “not going anywhere.”

Addresses rumored product shortages

DJI also addressed reports that product stocks are severely diminished. Some actions the company has taken in retail fed speculation. For instance, we were wondering why DJI’s Mavic Air was out of stock. But we may now have the answer. Today the FCC database revealed the existence of a new Mavic Air 2 drone that looks likely to hit the market soon.

DJI asserts that its factories are back online as the coronavirus impact in China has been diminishing. The company says that it’s shipping product around the globe and does not acknowledge any US cutbacks.

The only restrictions on sales, customer service, and repairs, says DJI, are those imposed by the COVID-19 changes, not by any company decisions.

But possibly some cutbacks

Nevertheless, DJI acknowledges that it has “made some organizational changes” due to the current economic environment. It does not specify what those changes are or what parts of its operation it affects. (And as a private company, DJI can play close to the chest with news about management decisions.) However, the company’s statement to us does not address the rumors that it is cutting back support for US dealers.

Following is DJI’s official statement regarding US cutbacks in full:

DJI remains committed to supporting our customers in every region. We have made some organizational changes in order to adapt to today’s challenging economic environment, but we remain open for business everywhere we operate. Our factories have resumed production, our distribution network is shipping products across the globe, our employees are working remotely in areas where offices must remain closed, and our sales, repair, and customer service networks continue to operate within the restrictions required by local and regional regulations. Our commitment to serve our customers with the products they want and need remains unchanged.

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