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Jordan is now using drones in coronavirus safety efforts

Jordan is the latest country to begin using drones in the fight against coronavirus. The drones will be used to ensure residents are abiding by new laws put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. Jordan joins Australia and Spain in using drones to watch from above.

On Sunday, Jordan began to deploy drones to enforce curfews, monitor people, and even check temperatures in its latest effort to fight coronavirus.

The drones are equipped with a megaphone system along with a visual and thermal camera capable of zooming and detecting the temperature of people walking around in public.

Minister of State for Information, Amjad al-Adayleh, shared the following information during a press release on April 4.

The armed forces and security services will ensure the curfew is being respected by using modern technology such as drones and surveillance cameras.

Why drones?

Drones are a suitable replacement for physical police presence as they can be flown large distances and interact with the population without the possibility of infecting officers on duty. In some cases, drones are also being used to disinfect surfaces using agricultural drones.

Drones in use

The University of South Australia and Draganfly have partnered up to create a coronavirus drone dubbed the “pandemic drone.” The drone is fitted with a specialized sensor and a computer vision system capable of detecting vital signs that are linked to having coronavirus. Take a look at drones taking on the coronavirus in other ways:

What are your thoughts on the use of drones during the coronavirus outbreak? Do you think drones are useful for this sort of work? Let us know in the comments below.

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