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DroneDeploy is using drones to monitor the Great Barrier Reef

DroneDeploy, the drone software company out of Silicon Valley, will soon be opening up shop in Australia. The company will help the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority monitor the deteriorating ocean habitat.

DroneDeploy will monitor the Great Barrier Reef

DroneDeploy managed to raise $35 million in series D funding, thanks to Australian venture capital firm AirTree Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners.

AirTree Venture doesn’t usually fund companies that aren’t from Australia or New Zealand, but it made an exception for DroneDeploy. James Cameron of AirTree Ventures said:

The commercial drone market here is one of the biggest anywhere in the world. There’s a whole army of Australian drone operators, and in the future, there’s all sorts of exciting things around the corner.

DroneDeploy will allow the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to use predominantly autonomous drones to capture images of the Great Barrier Reef and turn the images into a data-rich map. The map will allow the authority to track and continue to fix the damaged reef.

Michael Winn, the founder of DroneDeploy, said:

This latest investment will help us build our new products for customers while developing innovative solutions that are beneficial across a number of Australian industries.

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