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DJI’s global authorization team can unlock geofencing 24/7 and within 30 minutes

DJI introduces as of today, their global authorization team that can unlock geofencing restrictions around the world, around the clock within 30 minutes. Geofencing restrictions are hardcoded into DJI’s products to prevent, as the FAA likes to call them, clueless, careless and criminal drone pilots from flying their unmanned aircraft into sensitive areas, such as the airspace around airports (SFO for instance), prisons, and other military or federal facilities. However, in times of emergencies, first responders and law enforcement officials may want to fly their drones into such areas, which is why DJI has now introduced a special team that can authorize access for specific drones to fly into areas that are typically off-limits. This feature is only available for professional drone operators and not for casual drone pilots.

A 30-Minute Response Improve Unlocking Process

DJI’s global authorization team can unlock geofenced areas around the world 24/7 thanks to a new streamlined application and a dedicated 30-Minute Response Improve Unlocking Process.

“DJI now processes most requests within 30 minutes, though requests involving unusual circumstances or requiring additional documentation may need additional time,” said Michael Perry, Managing Director of North America at DJI. “By making it easier for authorized pilots to put drones to work in sensitive areas, DJI is once again showing why professional drone operators choose our aerial platforms for the most important tasks.”

Professional drone pilots can apply to unlock restricted zones at This portal page allows pilots to easily enter information about their aircraft and controller, as well as authorization documents supplied by the controlling authorities in areas where they wish to fly. Enterprise users can for the first time include multiple aircraft in a single unlocking request. For more information about how enterprises are using DJI products to work safer, faster and more efficiently, visit

“DJI first implemented geofencing in 2013, and it is now established as an important tool to help our customers make thoughtful flight decisions, while also addressing legitimate concerns about safety and security by helping prevent unauthorized flights in the most sensitive locations,” said Brendan Schulman, Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs at DJI. “These improvements illustrate DJI’s ongoing commitment as the industry leader to continually improving the safety features we implemented years ago, while enabling beneficial applications for our technology.”

Regular readers of DroneDJ will have seen plenty of stories in which drones came to the rescue and aided in saving people’s lives. DJI even started tracking the number of people saved with the help of drones and estimated that at least 65 people have been rescued by drones last year and 124 in total around the world. To provide a fast way for first responders and law enforcement officials to get access to otherwise restricted airspace is a very important improvement and we applaud DJI for making this available. As more and more drones are added to the arsenal of tools of first responders and emergency workers, we will see more people’s lives saved. Providing fast access to geofenced areas can be critical in emergency situations.


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