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How to buy the DJI Mavic Air for its lowest exclusive discount sale price ($774 or less)

DJI’s Mavic Air was announced last week to a flurry of great reviews. We’re currently putting together our review but spoiler: We can say that this is the drone to get in the ~$800 price range.

A short recap on specs:

  • Capture 4K Video and 12MP Photos
  • 3-Axis Gimbal-Stabilized Camera
  • GPS- & Vision Position-Based Navigation
  • 8GB of Internal Storage/up to 256GB via microSD
  • FlightAutonomy with Obstacle Detection
  • Top Speed of 43 mph in Sport Mode
  • ActiveTrack Subject Tracking Modes
  • Up to 21 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Foldable, Portable Body

One way to save money is buying the Fly More combo but that’s not saving money off the original DJI Mavic Air, it is saving over $200 on accessories when purchased at the same time. 

The good news is that we’ve done some digging and negotiating to get the lowest price offers from various resellers on the Mavic Air. Head below for the breakdown…

DJI Mavic Drone direct from the DJI Store

You can always buy the Mavic Air direct from DJI and won’t have to worry about inventory or shipping delays. DJI offers the Mavic Air in all colors for $799 shipped fast plus tax in all 50 states. You may also want to pick up the DJI Refresh service plan for $89 that offers discounts on repairs.

DJI also has an eBay storefront where you can pick up the Mavic Air for $799 if you like to use PayPal or have some eBay credit or gift cards. They also have some nice refurbished deals there so you can find some great accessories but obviously not on the DJI Mavic Air. You can also find refurbished items on DJI’s official site or hit up their 1st party Discount Center.

Newegg also has a DJI Store and offers 8X Newegg Points so you’ll be able to get around $60 in store credit with your purchase.

Lowest price discount/sale options

We’ve negotiated a deal with New York-based Wellbots which is selling the DJI Mavic Air for $799 but with exclusive coupon code DRONEDJ, you will get a $25 discount. Also they only charge sales tax at point of purchase in New York keeping the price at $774 shipped for everyone who has a shipping address outside of New York. As of this writing, this is the cheapest you’ll find it. Shipping is a little bit more ambiguous however with only “February” listed so it theoretically could come a little later based on inventory, color option and location.

I would personally steer clear of 3rd party sellers but some offer the Mavic air for as little as $670 on eBay. They are almost certainly fakes or scams.

Launch day best price (Tax Savings)

Your best bet to get a DJI Mavic Air on launch day at a discount price is to head over to B&H Photo which sells it for $799 shipped. However they only charge tax in New York in New Jersey saving a significant amount of money in most locations. They also offer quick shipping on launch day. You’ll also get a microfiber bonus accessory kit (good for cleaning that camera lens) if you use code MYBONUS at checkout. They also offer DJI Cares Refresh for $89.

Amazon Prime Shipped may be quickest at $799

Amazon offers the DJI Mavic Air for $799 like everyone else in all 3 colors but with its :

  • Easy 1 click checkout
  • Amazon credit card bonus points
  • Gift cards
  • Store credits
  • Prime Shipping

…it will make sense for a lot of people. Note that there are a lot of 3rd party store options and unless there are big discounts, it is always best to buy direct from Amazon with Prime shipping.


All of the Google Shopping listings for the DJI Mavic Air put it at $799 so there aren’t any clear winners from smaller shops as of this writing.

Pick one up at local store?

If you don’t live in New York City and within range of B&H, you are likely near a Best Buy, which will offer the Mavic Air at launch in store and online. If you have some Best Buy credit or know an employee that can score you a discount, this is the way to go. Best Buy inexplicably charges an extra $0.99 just because, so probably not the best option all other things being equal.

Target and Walmart are authorized DJI resellers but don’t have the Mavic Air in stock. We’ll keep an eye out for when they do. Stay tunes for the Mavic Air Review in the coming days here on DroneDJ.