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More details on the MG-1S Advanced and MG-1P RTK agricultural drones by DJI

At the DJI press event in Shenzhen, China last week, the Chinese drone manufacturer announced the following drones aimed at the agricultural market, the MG-1S Advanced, the MG-1P and the MG-1P RTK. It seems that these drones will be available soon for the Chinese market. No word, however on when and if these drones may come to the US.

DJI agricultural drones

The DJI agricultural drones are designed to help farmers more effectively manage their crops on the field and also to more effectively address any pests. From the Chinese news outlet, were able to gather the following information. Hat tip to @d0tslash.

The DJI MG-1S Advanced

Two years ago DJI introduced the MG-1 Intelligent Agricultural Spray Prevention and Control unmanned aerial vehicle. In a later iteration, the MG-1 and MG-1S drones were released. The DJI MG-1S Advanced is the third generation of agricultural drones from DJI and it offers an upgrade from the MG-1S with a functionally enhanced radar, power systems, and spray systems. The MG-1S Advanced will soon be available on the Chinese market for a price of 29,999 yuan (around $4,577 USD).

The DJI MG-1P and MG-1P RTK Edition

DJI will offer the MG-1P drone in two different versions, theMG-1P and the MG-1P RTK Edition, which offers the Real-Time Kinematic high-precision navigation and dual-antenna orientation. The RTK is better suited for complex environments, for instance with high voltage lines in the area, where precision navigation and positioning of the drone is paramount. Both versions have the same DJI developed flight control technology, including the eight-rotor and eight-axis power system. Both drones offer the ability to carry up to 10 kg (22 Lbs) of payload. The new generation of MG-1P drones can cover up to 90 acres in one hour of flight time. When fully charged the intelligent 12000 mAh high-capacity battery offers 10 minutes of flight time carrying a full payload. The flight time increases to 24 minutes when the drone is not carrying anything at all. The controller antenna and battery can both be replaced. The controller offers 4G communication and can transmit information for up to 3,000 meters (almost 1.9 miles).

The drones come with MG App 2.0 software that offers smart, assisted and manual flight modes. No prior plotting of the farmland is required as the route can be determined and changed on the fly. When upgraded to the RTK version, the MG-1P drone offers the upgraded second generation of high-precision radar and a new spraying system, obstacle avoidance, dust interference and more accurate spraying. The drone comes with a 123-degree wide-angle lens that can provide a real-time reference for manual flight operations. It also supports FPV real-time image transmission and waypoint navigation.

Price and availability

The DJI MG-1P will retail for 36,999 yuan ($5,645 USD) and the RTK version will go for 45,999 yuan($7,018 USD). The drones will be available soon on the Chinese market. No word on when and if they will come to Europe and the US.

One more thing… During the same event, DJI also showcased the Phantom 4 RTK drone.



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