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Enhanced geofencing and ADS-B In will be available from DJI soon

At today’s event, DJI introduced the new DJI Knowledge Quiz and the DJI Aeroscope Program. Both of these initiatives are great steps towards a safer shared (manned and unmanned aircrafts) airspace. We are especially impressed with Aeroscope, but why stop there?

What else could be done to further improve the safety of people on the ground as well as in the air? Well, DJI could upgrade their geofencing and introduce ADS-B Interactive. And they did.

Upgraded geofencing

DJI announced that geofencing will be upgraded soon in a new firmware release. Instead of a simple 5-mile radius around airports and airfields, DJI will actually take into account the 3D signature of approach and take-off areas. The aim is to prevent drones from flying in those areas where the risk would be the highest. Upgraded geofencing will be available later this year.

But there is more… ADS-B Interactive

ADS-B In stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast is part of the so-called FAA’s next-gen air transportation system. DJI’s professional M200 drone already has this available but DJI will also roll this out to the larger pro-consumer drones, think Inspire, Phantom and Mavic. This ADS-B In system will take into account, among other things, other aircraft in the vicinity. If a potentially dangerous situation could arise the drone pilot will be warned by messages, alerts, and vibrations in the controller.

Other safety features that DJI had rolled out in the past:

  • Geofencing
  • Maximum flight altitude
  • Return home
  • Smart batteries
  • Obstacle avoidance




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