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The Buzz Podcast

A weekly podcast discussing the latest news and trends from the drone industry

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Join DroneDJ Editor-in-Chief Scott Simmie as he’s joined in conversation by the movers and shakers in the drone industry. Whether it’s Brendan Schulman of DJI, Adam Bry of Skydio, or Andy Shen of Shendrones…there’s always a great topic on tap.

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The Buzz Podcast: Drone Analyst’s David Benowitz has a new report

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Ever wonder what’s going on in the drone industry on a global scale? Like who’s selling what, and how trends are changing? You’re in luck! That’s precisely the topic of this edition of The Buzz podcast. We’re joined by David Benowitz of Drone Analyst – a great trend spotter and former DJI Enterprise pro. Plug in your headphones (or put on your speakers) and have a listen; there’s a ton of great news in this one!

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Auterion GS CEO joins our drone podcast: The Buzz

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The wait is over. It’s time to put on your headset or crank up your speakers for the latest episode of The Buzz – our podcast that takes the pulse of the rapidly changing drone industry. Today’s guest? Dave Sharpin, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Auterion GS. If you know about Auterion – awesome. If you don’t…you soon will.

Scott Simmie in conversation with Auterion GS CEO Dave Sharpin

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The Buzz: Skydio CEO Adam Bry on AI, automation, and Blue sUAS

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On our latest edition of The Buzz podcast, we’re delighted to spend some time with Skydio CEO Adam Bry. Despite the pandemic, it’s been a great year for Skydio. Listen as DroneDJ senior editor and chief writer Scott Simmie takes a deep dive with Adam about his US-based drone company. It’s a great discussion and includes a look at the recently announced Blue sUAS list that recommends Skydio’s X2 drone for government and military purchasers.

Join Skydio CEO Adam Bry in conversation with DroneDJ’s Scott Simmie

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The Buzz: Brendan Schulman – world’s most famous drone lawyer

On our latest edition of The Buzz podcast, we’re pleased to have an extended visit with Brendan Schulman, DJI’s vice president of policy and legal affairs. In a year when issues like “Made in the USA,” data security, and Remote ID have all been shaping the drone industry, Schulman has a lot of insight — and a lot to say (follow him @dronelaws on Twitter).

DroneDJ’s Scott Simmie in conversation with Brendan Schulman
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