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High Lander, Sky-Drones partner on fleet solution

Picture that you need to run drone operations remotely: Dispatch pre-programmed or manual missions, operate one or multiple drones simultaneously, all while monitoring every aspect from a remote control station as if you were there in person. Take it a step further, and visualize doing this with a number of different brands of drones from nearly anywhere on the planet. Now you’re getting an idea of what these two companies are doing together.

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Auterion Skynode is a universal brain for enterprise and government drones

auterion skynode

Auterion wants to make drones a lot more like smartphones—standardized on a common platform as Android devices are. And of course, they want to standardize drones on their platform. To achieve that, the LA-based company is branching from software into hardware, with a new family of drone avionics modules called Auterion Skynode.