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DJI drops new video teaser for its FPV drone launch

Editors note: The DJI FPV Drone combo has now launched. You can read our full review here, and buy the combo here.

Well, you’ve probably seen it by now. But that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy this clip.

We’ve already covered pretty much everything there is to know about DJI’s forthcoming FPV drone. With a major leak last week due to the cached webpage of a retailer, all of the details were out in the wild. But DJI is moving ahead with its regular launch programming, which means revealing a little bit more as the March 2 launch approaches.

This time, DJI has released a short video.

Eleven seconds

DJI launches generally follow this pattern:

  1. A vacuum of silence
  2. An obtuse image that hints at what’s being launched, with a date. Like this:

3) A social media promo with a short video clip that still doesn’t show the product.

4. Launch

And we are at Stage Three right now. With the words “Immerse yourself,” DJI Tweeted our a short video teaser – 11 seconds in all – that shows some nice FPV flight at gorgeous locations. Here ya go:

Not long to wait now…

Yes, the wait is nearly over. We’ll have all the details March 2 at 0900 ET.

See you then!