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A look at the DJI FPV drone Quick Start Guide manual

In the slush pile of leaks, another one has emerged: a look at the manual that ships with the DJI FPV drone.

It’s no secret there have been a ton of leaks around the DJI FPV drone. We’ve seen a lot of photos over the past few months, starting with blurry images and eventually leading to official DJI marketing images. But there hasn’t been much in terms of documentation. Yes, we have seen the specs. But we hadn’t seen the manual.

Until now.

The manual

DJI products ship with famously minimal manuals. Makes sense, since most people can access all of that information online. But one YouTuber did a long unboxing video that contained shots of the Quick Start Guide that ships with the drone. That video was taken down, perhaps at the request of DJI, but not before someone took some screen shots of the image. At least that’s where we believe these originated.

Now, they’re residing on a Facebook group called DJI FPV Drone.

Quick Start Guide

There’s not always a ton of information in these guides; they’re not full-blown manuals. But when you’re awaiting a product launch, every little snippet can be of interest.

So here ya go: Hope you have decent vision.

March 2

That’s the date. If you’re planning to buy this product, get ready to place your order!

Wonder what that could be?

We’ll be there. Or, well, here. But we’re on top of it.