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Leak has more info, rough pricing, on DJI’s Flash FPV drone

The tips keep on coming. And today, we received confirmation that the DJI product is going to be called “Flash.” We also have a better idea on price – which is lower than what we’d anticipated.

It’s a big world out there. And this tip comes to us from Ukraine. A reader who goes by the name Jr. Bobby Grey. He sent us two images, which he says were snapped from the laptop of a DJI reseller. They’re from a .pdf that appears to be kind of an informational deck for those selling the drone. There’s a new image, and confirmation of the name “Flash.”

Let’s have a look.

Two shots from a screen

Our source did not specifically say that he was responsible for snapping the pix. But the content lines up with what he said: This looks very much like the kind of package DJI (or any other manufacturer) might share with retailers as a way of briefing them on a new product. Here’s the first image:

There’s a DJI logo… but also a spelling error

Is that the price?

So, a couple of things here. The first is that there’s an estimated price of $999 to $1,099. This is lower than we would have thought, given that the V2 goggles retail for $569. To us, it doesn’t make sense that this package could possibly be priced at $999. I mean, it would be great if that were the case – but we can’t see it. We’re guessing the drone is worth at least $400 and likely more than that… so it just doesn’t add up in our minds.

The file name for the photo is IMG_20210210_092807_984.jpg, indicating it may have been taken February 10. But that doesn’t tell us when this PDF was put together. Is this an older presentation? We had heard that some retailers received information in December, when DJI had plans to release the drone earlier (likely in January). Would DJI still be trying to figure out price this close to launch? Maybe, but we’re convinced this is too low.

We also note that “Remote” is spelled as “Remoter.” While it’s not unexpected to see a typo from a Chinese company (or from other companies, where some people are working in their second language), this seems a bit unusual for DJI. It’s usually pretty meticulous with its front-facing content. It leaves us with just a tiny shadow of doubt.

The second image

Here it is:

All dressed up for the races…

This one uses the name FLASH, which we heard from a source earlier in the week will be the product’s name. So that aligns with previous information.

We also see a new image of the drone here, pimped out to look a little more like a racer (even though we don’t believe the product is intended as a racing drone). We can see that the person at the computer is reading from a document simply entitled “FPV Drone.pdf.” The file has the same naming convention and appears to have been created on February 10, 2021.

But, once again, there are spelling errors. “Intergrated” and “Lastest” also raise an eyebrow at our end. Is this a legit product briefing for retailers from DJI? Could someone have put together a fake PDF for the thrill of seeing it published?

Some things do line up here, such as the name. We’re less convinced on the price – though one can always hope.

More to come

As we’ve noted, more info is likely to come to light in the days and weeks to come. We’ll keep you posted.