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Long-range FPV system performs 5-mile flight

In the world of FPV drones, learning is one of the most important things you can do. Being able to understand your equipment when building and flying plays a big role in what you are capable of capturing. The drone in this video was built for long-range flight and was being put to an extreme test.

From my experience flying FPV, I don’t tend to send my drone miles away. I am still at the point of learning what my drone is capable of doing. My max range right now has been about 2,500 feet, which isn’t too shabby for setting up a shot. My drone is also built for freestyle flying and cinematic use, not so much for maximum range, though it would be nice to fly farther away.

This video caught my attention because this is a long-range flight at a high altitude in the cold mountains. To be able to build a reliable aircraft to handle those conditions is truly amazing. There are so many variables that come into play if you want to be able to fly the drone back unharmed. The pilot in the footage above flew the drone 8 km away – that’s almost 5 miles! Imagine losing connection to the aircraft during a long-range flight like this. You may never get your drone, camera, or footage back.


I thought this was an awesome video and would love to fly the mountains like this myself. It is definitely possible to build an FPV drone that is capable of doing long-range flight. However, it is nice to have parts that ensure you can do that safely. Having a GPS, long-range receiver and transmitter along with a beeper is a great start. For more information on the build, please refer to the YouTube video description.

Being a pilot who is willing to learn about the parts and actually flying the equipment in these conditions is another large part of executing a video like this. Never would I ever recommend trying this if you are new to FPV drones. They look fun, they are fun, but they do require some practice to capture some of the shots and footage we see online. So in the end, with the proper parts, knowledge, and trust, you can get your FPV drone to fly pretty far away.