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DJI’s new FPV drone is called ‘Flash,’ March 2 release: Updated

A tipster has pointed us to some posts that show accessories that refer to DJI’s forthcoming FPV drone as “Flash,” with the products available as of March 2.

This always happens. The closer we get to a product’s release date, the more leaks start to spring. Today, we had someone contact us via Twitter. That person pointed us to several listings on Amazon’s German website. All of those posts refer to the product as “Flash” – something we’ve never heard before, even in rumors. And, perhaps more interestingly, the posts showed the items as being available as of March 2.

The tipster says that’s the product’s release date.

The retail chain

The reason why leaks start picking up is because DJI is presumably beginning to distribute this product to retailers. That means getting inventory into big box stores like Best Buy, where it’s pretty easy for an employee to snap a photo in the warehouse. In fact, in the case of the Mini 2, it was even put on the shelves of some stores and sold to customers in advance of the release date. (Customers couldn’t fly it, because the updated App had not yet been released).

Anyway, it seems we’re at that stage again. Only this time, the tip is coming via Twitter, and related to some postings on

Germany’s Amazon store

A Twitter account run by Güçlü Atamer flagged us today with the following message:

We are thinking that DJI will call the new FPV drone DJI FLASH, and is fueled by a number of accessories that have appeared on the German version of the Amazon web store, including the Flash Gimbal Camera, Flash Goggles Battery, Flash Propeller Guard, and a number of other products. All these accessories have a release date of March 2, 2021. Probably the international release date is 2nd of March.

Güçlü Atamer

Our German is a little rusty, so we asked if he could point us directly to some links. Sure enough there were postings for a variety of products, including spare “Flash” batteries.

Note the highlighted March 2 availability date…

There’s more

Our Twitter contact went through and came up with the following list of “Flash”-related products:

Lots of “Flash” accessories via

One thing is missing

The one thing we had really hoped would be there is… not: The actual drone combo!

We don’t know whether “Flash” is a real thing or not. We don’t know if March 2 is going to be a release date (we had previously guessed at late February). But this list of accessories does make us think at least some parts (camera, landing gear) might be user-replaceable.

As the old news cliché goes: Time will tell.


A day after publishing, we learned that the table in this story – supplied via Twitter – had come via Facebook from this post on a German drone news website. We had mistakenly thought it came somehow from

Our apologies to for not noticing that when we put up the original post. We can see now this story likely originated through your site, via Facebook, via Tipster…etc. When we saw the links we made an incorrect assumption. We do our best to always attribute sources correctly, and this time around came up short.