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Mark Rober, NURK join forces to film with an FPV drone in latest video

YouTube superstar Mark Rober and one of the best FPV pilots NURK have teamed up to film with FPV drones for Rober’s latest video. Things didn’t go quite to plan, though. Some awesome FPV footage was still captured, so let’s take a look.

You’ve likely seen Mark Rober’s new video on kicking the longest field goal. If not, be sure to watch it as this will contain spoilers.

In the first minute of Rober’s new video, a drone shot appears. The drone flies through his legs, panning to a wider shot of the field. Straight away, we saw this and knew it was a drone. Nothing else is capable of creating a shot like that.

Other than a few more introductory FPV drone shots, no more appear in the video until the 10:18 mark. Rober explains that he had the idea to follow the football with an FPV drone to get an awesome follow shot. To do this, he called on one of the best FPV drone pilots, NURK FPV.

In the video, we get to see a few shots of this taking place with a test setup filmed before the main video was shot. Unfortunately, this is all we get to see as the stadium wasn’t too sure about a drone flying around at high speed. Anyway, the shot captured is an amazing new view of the ball making its way into the goal.

While the shoot didn’t go exactly to plan, the video was a still a big success for both Rober and NURK. We now have FPV drone footage on one of the most popular YouTuber’s video that will most definitely be seen by people working for the NFL.

Hopefully, this means we will one day see drones integrated into the sport and others to create awesome shots like this that are exclusive to FPV drones. Be sure also to watch NURK’s video below to see a behind-the-scenes look at the video and what went into making it possible.




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