Wild GEMFAN V2 LED propellers put photons in your flight

Want to make your drone stand out from the crowd? Let there be lights, with some wild new propellers from GEMFAN.

We happened to be checking out the latest in a Facebook racing quad group when this came to our attention. GEMFAN posted February 3 about a new product – which it said has been more than two years in the making. It’s a bright, V2 LED propeller. Yes, an LED lights up the prop. And yes, it looks pretty darn awesome.

Let’s throw some light on the subject.

A bright blur

The product was first announced with a company video on December 30. Check it out:

So cool…

And now, just over a month later, the company has announced a brighter V2 product. Word of that came in a post from a company rep into the Rotor Riots Facebook Group. Here’s what they wrote:

Over 2 years in the making, testing the best options, durability, materials… Designing the Moonlight LED PROP has been one of the most difficult things we’ve done, but we’re pretty happy about it. Excited about the infinite options in the near future and looking forward to your epic videos with the FIRST and ONLY LED Props, BY GEMFAN.


What do they look like?


Very slick, GEMFAN.

And up close?

See these little triangular markings? It appears that they are etched into the blades to catch the light. The actual LED is located at the core of the propeller and is designed to illuminate one blade. Very cool design.


One blade

You can see, in the last photo above, that the LED lights a single blade only. For, like, a nanosecond we thought: Wait, why aren’t they in all blades? Clearly, not enough coffee yet – because obviously once it’s spinning that blade will spread the light around.

GEMFAN says this is V2 of the product, and you can see the output is significantly more intense:

That’s quite a difference…

Down the rabbit hole…

Once we started looking, we found there were other styles of LED propellers out on the market, including programmable blades that can actually spell out a message from your Mavic:

Nice to meet you, too…

There are, undoubtedly, others out there. But we really like what GEMFAN has done here. And, judging by the comments of Rotor Riot group members… so do the racers.