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DJI’s new Motion Controller for its FPV drone hits the FCC

A new product has hit the FCC test bench from DJI, and it appears to be a motion controller for its upcoming FPV drone. After previously sharing news of a possible DJI joystick controller, it appears that it will be released with or close to the FPV drone.

FCC listing

A new filing under DJI’s name has hit the FCC database under the name DJI Motion Controller and ID of FC7BMC2011. The usual documents and FCC label has also appeared, giving us a little insight into the upcoming product.

Looking at the label document, we can see a little more info on the shape and how the controller will fit into the hand. The first thing that sticks out is the trigger-style button on the right side. This will be at the top of the controller when upright and will adjust the throttle. There appears to be a port or a place to add a strap to the controller at the bottom of the motion controller like the old Wii controllers have.

As this is a motion controller, we also know that moving the controller in space will adjust the drone’s pitch, roll, and yaw. We imagine these axes will be identical to how a drone works. Pivoting the controller forward, adjust the pitch, pivoting it left and right adjusts the roll, and rotating it left and right adjusts the yaw.

There will also be buttons on the front of the controller giving the user a little more functionality. This will include a power button, a return-to-home button, customizable buttons (C1), a battery indicator for the controller and drone, a mode button, and possibly a small OLED screen with key information displayed on it.

Going back to the point made about the hole at the bottom of the controller. We know that the controller uses 5 V 1 A to charge, meaning a normal USB-C port will be used. This hole could also be a USB port for charging rather than a lanyard. I think that a lanyard hole will be included as there isn’t any other way to secure the controller. The motion controller also has a built-in 2600 mAh 3.6 V battery.

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