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Pilot spotlight: liquid FPV video from Erbil, Iraq

We’re pleased to take you on a little voyage today. Odds are, you’ve never seen an FPV video from this location.

We asked readers to submit their own drone videos for consideration – and you delivered. We’re still sifting through the submissions, but this one caught our eye for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s from Iraq. We don’t normally see a ton of drone footage from there. Secondly, the pilot has a really nice smooth style that we like. And third, it’s just a really cool video.

Let’s get to it.

Swedish pilot; Iraqi location

The pilot in this case is Matin Hamarahem. He lives in Sweden and has been flying drones since 2010. He started FPV in 2020, and really has a great style. He’s flying a custom BETAFPV 85X with a TPU mount and a GoPro Hero 6.

Just look at what he did with it:

This is one fine video

A little more info

We asked Matin a few questions, starting with why he liked this particular video.

I think the flow is really wonderful in the video and a nice combination in between modern outdoor scene and the indoor shots of the historical café in Erbil downtown. It is [the] first professional FPV video that’s coming out to the world from Iraq and Kurdistan – at least according to my research on Google and YouTube.

Matin Hamarahem, FPV pilot

We agree that this has a really great flow. We also like that it feels like we’re discovering this place, right along with the drone. And wow, nice luck that those birds all took flight. Gorgeous!

We also asked Matin if he might offer some advice to newer pilots looking to improve their game. His answer? “Practice as much as they can, think and plan for your shots before flying, do some flying tests – then do the actual shooting.” We certainly had the sense Matin knew where he was taking us on that voyage.

What’s next, Matin?

“I need to practice more freestyle FPV, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time for that. I need to be better in both CineWhoop and freestyle.”

The takeaway

This video is proof that you don’t have to be doing insane tricks or flying at crazy speeds. A smooth, flowing flight can really hold our attention and tell a great story.

Well done, Matin. We look forward to seeing your next video!