Reader’s FPV video: Slow, steady… and affordable

You’ve seen how we like to highlight videos from our readers. Well, recently we asked people if you had work you’d like featured. Tons of you took the time to fill out this form (and you’re still welcome to do so). Today’s selection doesn’t feature crazy skills… but it does feature solid flying and a great subject.

We were really gratified to see how many people were interested in having their work posted to DroneDJ. We’ve been carefully poring through the submissions. And one of the things that has already struck us is the range of subjects that people will choose for their FPV videos. There’s always the free styling park video, with amazing aerobatics that seem to miss branches and playground equipment by bare inches. There are the majestic, landscape-focused shots featuring mountains, waterfalls, etc… plus a ton of others in both urban and rural settings.

Today’s caught our eye for a couple of different reasons.

You don’t need to race

People into the world of CineWhoops already know this, but you don’t need to be a speed demon to make a great video. Sometimes, slow and steady does win the race. And from the large pile we’re sifting through, this video from Richard Chang of Los Angeles caught our attention for a couple of reasons.

For starters, Richard was flying a BETAFPV 95X (about $179). This little CineWhoop-style drone can carry either a naked action camera like the new SMO 4K (about $239) or the Insta360 GO. It’s small and agile, but that doesn’t mean it has to be flown like you’re in a Red Bull air race. (I actually own one of these; love its size and abilities – though I do not yet fly as well as Richard.)

The latest iteration of the BETA95X series

In the video you’re about to see, Richard didn’t try to break the speed limit. But he did pull together a nice series of controlled shots at an interesting location in East LA, coupled with a soundtrack that fits these visuals perfectly. We also really like how he flew down the street at the opening of this video, to help establish the subject.

Have a look – and a listen!

Nice job, Richard

More about Richard

We asked Richard a few questions, including how long he’s been flying. He actually started flying about eight months ago, basically after the pandemic broke out.

I started flying because COVID-19 crushed the industry I work in [restaurant] and I needed something to keep me sane/busy,” he says. “I’m currently teaching my boys to fly and they’re enjoying it very much. FPV has impacted my life for the better!

What’s the personal appeal for you of flying drones?

In addition to being a hobby that can lead to a career or business it’s one of the most gratifying and satisfying feelings being in the air after building a quad. Also, the never-ending progression of personal growth.

Any tips for those who’d like to start building?

Figure out what kind of quad you want to build, enroll in YouTube University, search for budget builds. Oh, get some Mamba practice soldering boards.

What advice do you have for new pilots to make better videos?

Get as much stick time as possible and record everything. Understand what everyone else is doing and find your own style.

Thanks, Richard!

We enjoyed Richard’s video and answers very much. His YouTube channel is under the name QuadroCinco, and you can subscribe here.

Stay tuned; we’ll continue to feature awesome reader content.

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