India to boost local drone production and exports in a new policy

India is planning to boost its local drone production and increase its export of the ever-growing technology in a new policy from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). The push is to bring India into the global production rankings for drones and robotics while boosting its income.

India has already been giving local and international companies incentives to manufacture mobile phones, laptops, and other electronics to become a manufacturing powerhouse.

While it’s great, the real value in this kind of project will come from the commercial side of things in the drones and robotics industries. Currently, China produces a large amount of drone-related tech, which, as we all know, isn’t fairing too well in the US right now.

It seems as though India has seen this and is working hard to become an alternative source that will allow companies to manufacture products for a reasonable price without having to do so locally at a higher cost. An insider told The Hindustan Times the following concerning the spike in the last few years’ commercial drones.

All delivery services will have to reorient themselves to accommodate the new technology.

From all of this, it looks like India wants to be the manufacturing hub of everything robotics and drone-related. As mentioned above, it has already handed out incentives adding up to about $84 million to mobile phone manufacturers to open up shop.

The current numbers for the robot and drone sector are currently unknown, but it will be interesting to watch which companies will begin producing their products in the country over the next year or so.

Chirag Sharma of HubbleFly, a local drone manufacturer, added:

It is great that MeitY is looking at doing this… The industry has not seen scale in terms of a consumption point of view, incentives would be needed.

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