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Check out this drone video of surfers riding 50-foot waves

Take a break from winter: Check out this awesome footage of surfers in Hawaii, as they take a ride on some of the biggest waves of the season.

Surfers in drone videos

There was a time, not so very long ago, when any footage of surfers was captured one of two ways: From a camera on the shore, or from a waterproof action camera carried by the surfer. The latter would always produce reliably great close shots, but lacked the perspective of the wave. And the former? Well, it always kind of distanced the viewer from the action.

Drones, of course, bring us the best of both worlds.

Watch carefully – how many drones do you see?

Hawaii offers some of the best surfing on the planet. But unsurprisingly, surf’s optimally up at specific times of the year. And right now, apparently, we’re in the midst of surf season. Not only that, but Hawaiian surfers are enjoying some of the biggest and most consistent waves of that season.

ABC News pulled together a short video shot by drones. It really gives you a sense of the scale of these monster waves, and the skill of the surfers willing to tackle them. It also gives you a feeling for just how popular drones have become. There are multiple drones filming the surfers, and you can see them flying in several shots:

Surf’s Up! No kidding…

Would you do this?

Are you asking me? Well yeah, absolutely – I would definitely pilot one of those drones. But surfing those huge waves? Forget it. We’ll leave that to the pros at Ryzone Media, who shot the footage used by ABC News.