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Abu Dhabi University receives a grant for AI-powered drones

The Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has announced that it has received a grant of Dhs 150,000 ($40,000) from Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) to put to use in three drone or robot-related ideas that electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering students have come up with.

The grant will be used to support three projects that are focused on artificial intelligence-powered drones and robots, readying the university for its upcoming AI robotics competition.

Last year, the university managed to take first and second spots in the robotics competition, which required their AI-drones to solve a challenging set of problems under a set of extreme conditions.

This year the students’ drones and robots will face the same condition and be required to take autonomous measurements of carbon-baking furnaces.

Dr. Hamdi Sheibani, dean of the College of Engineering at ADU, shared:

I am filled with indescribable pride on behalf of our talented students and their accomplishments, maintaining success in the Emirates Global Aluminum AI Robot competition for two editions in a row. This success is not only a testament to our students’ ingenuity and creative prowess but also their ability to mold advanced technologies into solutions that can address real industrial problems.

The students will now begin building and testing their autonomous creations in preparation for the competition later on in the year. Once the teams think their drones are ready to go, an internal audit team from the university will go over everything to ensure all systems are working perfectly.

Abdalla Al Zarouni, vice president of Technology Development & Transfer at the EGA, added:

The EGA Al Robot competitions provide an ideal platform for the brightest young engineering minds in the country to meaningfully contribute to the UAE’s industries, which are a vital part of our economy. Abu Dhabi University has been a key participant in two editions of the competition so far. We hope to encourage these students to pursue careers in industry and equip them with real-life experience and skills that will be vital to the growth of the UAE and its knowledge economy.

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